FAT-X Degreaser
FAT-X Degreaser - SABS 1853
Product contains no petroleum products and can be safely used in areas of high fire risk.
This powerful cleaner penetrates grime for effective cleaning of almost any surface.
Can be used as a powerful disinfectant surface cleaner.
* 100% fire proof.
* Does not etch glass and safe on rubber, metal, concrete etc.
* High concentrated - dilute up to 30:1 with water.
* Bio-degradable.
* No harmful fumes and no harsh odours.
* Leaves clean surface without oily film.
* Effective on plant/animal/human fat or petroleum based dirt deposits.
* Spray, mop or pressure spray.
* After application wipe clean with cloth or wash off with water.
Dilute as needed.
* Heavy duty cleaning and disinfecting: 1:5 parts water.
* Medium duty cleaning: 1:20-50 parts water.
* Pressure washing: 1:40-100 parts water.
Personal Protective Equipment:
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