Ezekleen- SABS 1828
Ezekleen - SABS 1828
A concentrated universal cleaner and degreaser that can be used in various applications in your home or work environment. Very effective general purpose cleaner in the food industry.
* Completely fire proof.
* Leaves no film on cleaned surfaces.
* Bio-degradable.
* Effective on organic compounds.
* Store in cool dry place.
* Can be applied with a spray bottle, mop or pressure hose method.
* Wear rubber gloves when you apply a concentrated solution of the product.
* Wipe with cloth or rinse with water after application.
* Upholstery and carpets: 1:50 to 100 parts of water.
* Engine degreaser: use undiluted and spray well after agitation.
* Stain remover: use undiluted on stained garments and rinse with water after 5 minutes.
* Floor cleaning and general cleaning: 1:50 to 100 parts of water.
Personal Protective Equipment:
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