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As an international distributor and supplier of various speciality chemicals, Richbay Chemicals has a strong ability to service manufacturers and distributors with a range of speciality house and industrial chemicals.

With decades of experience Richbay focuses on the solutions to our customers requirements.

SABS 1853 – Disinfectant & Cleaner: Food Industry
  • CLOVER KLEEN – A fragrance free, heavy duty disinfectant, general purpose cleaner. Suitable for food, milk, or fish equipment and storage cleaning
  • FAT-X DEGREASER - A food grade alkaline based degreaser for general purposes. Suitable for organic (animal) fats. Recommended for use in butcheries, kitchens etc.
  • GERMKLEEN - Pine fragrance disinfectant and cleaner for general purposes
  • MULTY SURFACE CLEANING GEL - A thick bleach gel similar used for cleaning, disinfecting and bleaching
  • O.D.B CLEANER - A powerful disinfectant cleaner with deodorant and very strong dominating smell to kill the worst of odours
  • PINE DISINFECTANT LIQUID - A light cleaning action pine perfumed, disinfectant liquid
  • WATERLESS HAND SANITISER ALCOHOL BASED - Anti-Microbial hand sanitizing gel cleaner which does not require any water. A fragrance free option is also available
SABS 1828 – Cleaner: Food Industry
  • ALL BRIGHT SURPREME DISHWASHING LIQUID - A concentrated hand dishwashing liquid 5% stronger than most leading top brands
  • DEGREASE-C (WATER BASED) - A powerful, water based alkaline degreaser for general purposes. Suitable for petroleum as well as organic (animal) fats. For use in workshops, truck washing and general purpose degreasing
  • ECO KLEEN – DEGREASER - A concentrated environmentally friendly water based degreaser. Effective on petroleum based grease and grime
  • EZEKLEEN - An alkaline based general purpose, heavy-duty cleaner For use on floors, walls, stain removal and carpet cleaning as well as a multi-purpose degreaser in light and medium duty industries
Kashrut Certification - Kosher

Any product that has been labelled as Kosher, indicates that the item meets the basic food product standards set by the Jewish dietary law, either meat (fleishig), dairy (milchig) and pareve (neutral).

  • Caustic Lye 1-50%
  • Cloverkleen
  • Eco-C Degreaser
  • Ezekleen
  • Fat – X Degreaser
  • Germkleen
  • Hydrochloric Acid 30-33%
  • Sodium Hypochlorite 12-17%
  • Sterihand Hand Cleaner
  • Sulphuric Acid 98%
  • Waterless Hand Sanitiser
NCRS Certification

Any product that is claimed or deemed to be acting as a disinfectant or detergent disinfectant, by law has to be registered as such indicating that the claim of being a disinfectant or detergent disinfectant is true and trustworthy.

  • Bleach Gel
  • Cloverkleen
  • Fat – X
  • Germkleen
  • J-Liquid
  • Multi Surface Cleaning Gel
  • New Blue
  • ODB
  • Pine Gel
  • Super Pine
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
General Industrial Cleaners & Degreasers

Contact us for a full list of general industrial cleaners and degreasers.

Speciality Cleaners (Tailor-made for specific industries)
  • CIP Cleaners – Acid or Alkaline Based. This product can be used in cleaning the interior surfaces of pipes, vessels, process equipment, filters and associated fittings, without disassembly.
  • Care Freeze - An anti-freeze and Coolant for radiators
  • Rust Converter - Rust converter solution is formulated to be applied directly onto rusted surfaces, converts metal oxides to a stable inert blue / black iron
  • Machine Supreme Cutting Fluid - Glycol based translucent cutting fluid for milling, lathing and grinding type operations for engineering workshops. Forms translucent liquid when mixed with water
  • Pickling Liquid - Stainless steel welding mark remover
  • Polygrit – Patented Product - A light density industrial grit hand cleaner. Grit floats and will not block wash basins when flushed.

Speciality Chemicals

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