Eco Scale
Eco Scale
Liquid form (rust removing property most effective if dipped) as a concrete floor cleaner to prepare floors prior to painting. De-rusting metal & concrete cleaner.
* Highly concentrated - dilute from 1:5 with water.
* Suitable for all types of metal, excluding aluminium.
* Spray or brush diluted product on to surface.
* Product needs to be in contact with the surface being cleaned, a maximum of 4 hours and no longer.
* The product is very abrasive and must not be left on the surface for more than 4 hours at a time as it may damage the surface being cleaned.
* Agitate with a broom or brush and then rinse off well with water.
* Allow to dry.
Dilute as needed.
* Heavy duty cleaning: 1:5 parts of water.
* Medium cleaning to light duty: 1:10 parts of water.
Personal Protective Equipment:
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