Citrus Electric Safety Solvent
Citrus Electric Safety Solvent
Environmentally friendly solvent based degreaser and cleaner. Specialized electrical motor and equipment cleaner, with flash point of 71 deg C - medium drying.
Product can be used without water.
* Includes no moisture into electrical windings.
* Is non-corrosive - will not pit alloy or plate finishes.
* Safe on most insulations (care to be taken on plastics).
* High flash point of 71 deg C.
* Contains no chlorinated solvents.
* Blow water or equipment with air to remove lint, dust and loose materials.
* Replace worn or arching brushes - spray equipment/motor with product, until all dirt has been removed.
* Blow motor dry with compressed air, lubricate motor properly.
* Can be used in a dipping process for movable parts, then rinsed off with water.
Personal Protective Equipment:
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